I'm Bridie. I am a Pilates teacher, Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor and mum of two.

I am very "passionate" (for lack of a better term) about helping women make small, doable changes to their health with short, fun, doable workouts and lots of plants on our plates. 

My whole life and career, i have seen women feeling like slaves to weight loss. Going between all or nothing and feeling shit about themselves as they yo yo back and fourth. I was the same for years.

This site is dedicated to bringing you inspiration and information about how to make healthy habits a great ADDITION to your life and your physical and mental health vs a shit thing you "should" do that feels like deprivation and restriction. 


In She Moves there are no rules. You can be plant based with the occasional bacon, fit AF while loving a drink.... come as you are and let's enjoy the ride together. 


My Story: I was overweight as a teenager and battled some serious body image demons. Like many women i had an on/off relationship with exercise and eating well until i started Pilates. 

I used to think that something slow and seemingly "effortless" wouldn't ever be able to give me the results that i wanted.  I thought i had to workout for hours a day and watch everything that i ate.

But I have never felt as strong, toned or connected to my body as when practicing Pilates. Even through two pregnancies, raising kids and the juggle that is life.

My aim is to help you feel the same and  teach you how to bring "wellness" to your life without the wank.

  • Because the "wank" is us trying to be perfect.
  • Feeling constant guilt.
  • Yo yo'ing between all or nothing.

Instead, She Moves is a balanced, non judgemental and sensible approach to fitness and I know you are going to love it.

Bridie x 

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